Your FEE, is our need



How would it be if everything is at your doorsteps on just few taps on the screen? Thou you will miss the fun of going around and looking out for what you want, it’s easy at times when you don’t want to worry about the shop timings or whether it is any day of the week. Most of the shops are shut off for a day or two in a week. The people, who started up with the online sales, had expected a remarkable growth and it turned out to be true. Slowly and steadily people are converting everything online. Probably, there would be a time when they would want the things to come out of their screen and shop. Well, you never know when people would invent such stuff. There is no possibility of such even happening around but you never know when the minds of the genius triggers. Well, when they have already invented the food ordering system online, they can do almost anything. From where do these genius minds obtain ideas? It’s we the audience. When we talk with others about the in feasibility of the current system, people start talking about the same. This idea goes on and on to various people and reaches one of the genius minds and that is how actually the implementation idea starts processing. The food ordering system is developed in a way in which will increase the feasibility and reduce the toil of the dear consumers to order the food they want when they don’t have credits on their phone and are very much hungry. Why stay away from the technology which keeps you away from just a few taps? Rather, one should install it now itself in order to enjoy the perks of the online food ordering app system.

What is the aim of tinyowl?


Tinyowl is the company which is procured and developed by the co-founder and the CEO, Harsh Vardhan Mandad who was barely 23 when he started up the venture. It’s been almost a year they have launched and they have expanded upto Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmadabad and Gurgaon. These metropolitan cities helped them to reach where they are today. Tinyowls aim is to maintain a personal connection with the audience and the possibility of it is increased when its food. Harsh focused more on expanding than on earning profits. Of course they do earn but it is limited to the people downloading the applications. With that they are now receiving almost more than 2000+ orders per day which obviously increases their ranking in the market. Since, they are not adding any commission charges for the restaurants and the customers for placing an order; it turns to be more exciting for the restaurants to receive more orders than expected per day. Well, there are various other ways to earn as well without actually adding the commission charges. The way they planned to earn was by targeting the majorly used mobile operating system which includes android and iOS. They may plan to switch to windows as well but with time. They want to establish their organisation almost everywhere in the country to earn major responses. For that one needs to be prepared with adapting to any situations and dealing with any kind of people they come across. Its not necessary that everyone can be humble and understanding. But the tinyowl made the difficult idea into reality in a fraction of months just because he had resources, talent and knowledge as well.

How is tinyowl treating you?

“Wonderful, amazing, fabulous, and excellent and the list continue till the adjectives don’t end. I might sound like I am flaunting or boasting but I had a scintillating experience with tinyowl and that keeps me tied with them. I for a while felt that I am ordering some food to my friend. It is so user friendly. The things they have kept in mind is FEE which means Feasibility, Efficiency and Effectiveness. Well, the functioning of the application put me into the research to know more about them and I found that their main motto was to connect people with food. They never had to do that because food is always the medium to reach the heart of the people and yes, they captured mine too. Keep expanding and I am sure you will receive a great response. Cheers!”

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