Nokia Lumia 800-A Windows Phone

The Nokia Lumia 800 looks familiar–its design is based on the Nokia N9, which runs the MeeGo operating system. It has a slightly smaller display than the N9, at 3.7 inches as opposed to 3.9 inches. The smaller display size is to accommodate the three Windows Phone buttons (Back, Home, Search) found on every phone. The curved AMOLED display has bold colors and deep, dark blacks. The display uses “ClearBlack” technology, which increases its visibility in bright sunlight.
The Lumia 800 is powered by a Qualcomm S2 single-core 1.4GHz processor. Spec-wise, this puts the Lumia at a disadvantage to its competition, such as the Nexus Galaxy and the iPhone 4S, which both have dual-core chips. In my hands-on use of the browser and various apps, the Lumia 800 felt snappy and smooth.
On the bottom is a speaker with decent volume and clarity. Up top is the same 3.5mm headphone socket as the N9 and, under a flap, a microUSB port. Once you’ve opened the hatch – which is our single point of mild concern about the Lumia’s durability, thanks to its seemingly delicate hinge mechanism – you can slide out the microSIM tray too.

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