iPad 3 Battery to be Thinner, Lighter & Safer !!

ipad 3

The ipad 2 is laready very thin device , but the next generation iPad 3 might be even thinner and lighter just becuase of its improved battery pack.

This is improved battery of  iPad 3 is going to cost Apple an additional 20 to 30 percent more than the current price of the iPad 2 battery. Simplo Technology and Dynapack International Technology will be responsible for the production of the batteries and are already contracted for battery packs in the existing iPad’s and Macbook.

ipad 3

Also noted by Taiwan Economic News, the iPad 3 battery packs will produce a longer service life than the current 10 hours experienced by both the iPad and the iPad 2. The iPad 2 battery was certainly upgraded to run the boosted specs from the original iPad; and it looks like battery technology is becoming more and more important as consumers demand better processors, displays and thinner designs. What good is a fantastic on-the-go device that needs to be plugged into the wall 24/7?


iPad 3 Battery to Meet IEEE 1625 Safety Standards

The battery which is rumored to be thinner and lighter will also be abiding by strict quality and safety standards which will account for some of the inflated price as it meets CTIA IEEE 1625 standards.

The iPad 3 battery module will call for advanced technologies, selling for a higher price to benefit Simplo and Dynapack for sure, especially when the two companies have had their battery packs pass the IEEE 1625 test as the only two battery makers in Taiwan for the moment.

The iPad 3 batteries are scheduled to begin production in Q4 2011 and the iPad 3 release to follow shortly after that (likely a year after the iPad 2 launch). It is uncertain at this time whether Apple will choose to eat the additional costs of the battery or whether they will be passed onto the consumers. I’m quite positive though that Apple will indeed keep the iPad 3 competitively priced for what it will be offering, even if that means deducting from their own margins.

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