How to Fix Hanging Problems in Smartphone



Get irritated by the hanging problems in your smartphone. Often, it happens when you make some urgent outgoing calls or picking up incoming calls, your smartphone freezes. You face problems in opening the apps or your mobile is not running smoothly, then you should work for this hanging problem. Here, I am defining some solutions that will help you to get rid of this problem of hanging.


Tips to Fix Hanging problems in Smartphones

Restart Phone: The restart or switching off your mobile for a few minutes is the simplest way to solve hanging problem as well as for working smoothly. It is advisable to turn off/switch off your smartphone for some time in every 24 to 36 hours.

Avoid the use of smartphone when it is overheated: Try to avoid your smartphone when it is overheated. Using WiFi or other powerful features may cause overheating sometimes, and using a smart phone that time also injurious for your health as well. This condition lags the CPU processing so stop using mobile that time.

Remove Least used applications from your device: It will be beneficial for you to remove unnecessary applications or least used applications from your device because it will be an unnecessary burden on your RAM, ROM and CPU. Therefore, find the apps that are useful and uninstall them one by one. You can also remove system or default apps after rooting your smart phone.

Task Manager: Killing non functioning apps by using task manager application can enhance the mobile speed of your device. There are various task managers like advanced task manager- Killer, ES Task Manager (Task killer), Clean Master etc.

Root the Phone: According to observations, rooted handset works smoother and faster than the rooted mobile so it’s good to root your smartphone, rooted mobile implies that you can access the system application of your phone.

Avoid the Application Greed: In the greed of having various live wallpapers, launcher and themes, you can consume good amount of CPU power and makes your phone slower. So try to avoid such applications if you are facing hanging problem.

Proper Exit of Application: It often happens that people do not exit a game or application properly after using them, which lags the CPU as these applications are running in the background so it is a advise to properly close an app.

Free your internal memory as much as you can: Try to keep your most of the data in an external SD card. If you have data loaded in your mobile’s internal memory it will consumes more time to scan your data like gallery, music player, etc. So free your internal memory as much as you can.

Apps Move to Memory Card: If possible, then move the applications (apps) to external memory that will enhance the processing of smartphone therefore, move the movable apps in external memory.

 Restore Data factory setting: If from above, none of the tips work, then save all your data, contacts, and files and reset your mobile phone by the Restore factory setting that will definitely work for you.

These are the tips to fix the hanging problems in your smart phones. If you have any query regarding or you find it useful, then please mention it in the comments.

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