How bulk SMS for education is revolutionizing student communications

Today, people don’t just use cell phones to stay in touch with their loved ones always, but they are now dependent on their smartphone for a number of things. The following stats might surprise you but, 9 out of 10 Americans keep their mobile phones on always, and 98% of all the SMS are read by the recipient. This clearly suggests that Bulk SMS is the popular channel for reaching groups of people fast.

This is more correct in case of teens and young adults more than anyone else. As a result, educators have started to leverage the omnipresence of the mobile phone is schools and colleges by using bulk SMS for education to communicate frequently with a huge number of students. What used to be accomplished by pamphleteering, notice boards and mass email blasts has been made easier, faster and reasonable via text messaging. With such a high ‘open rate’ SMS are seen by more of their target audience than other channels of communication, and their use has ignited a revolution in education sector.

It is not just a matter of convenience. The U.S. Department of Education has imposed a legal requirement on universities and colleges to stay connected with their students in the case of emergency. A number of educational institutions have already started using text messages as the go-to solution. By using bulk SMS gateway, educators can send out one message to all the groups instantly.

There are various ways in which schools can use this mobile technology for the benefit of their students and reputation of their school or college.

  • SMS for school announcements

In colleges and schools, announcements are generally made from time to time. They usually have to wait for the time when all students will be gathered in assemblies for the announcements to be made. This can be very problematic in case the announcement is urgent and can’t wait. Bulk SMS for Schools can allow the college or Schools directors or the head teachers to send the messages to the students immediately.

  • Cancellation of lectures/class

Professors can also inform their students on time about any lectures or classes that are cancelled. This will save the time of going all the way to going to classroom or lecture room just to know that it had been cancelled. This will also help the students plan their schedule in time.

  • Message reminder of tests/exams

Colleges generally have thousands of students, therefore if college directors or head teachers plan to remind them of the time and location where their tests will take place can be very expensive. It would be expensive in terms of time it would take to send each student a different message and the sum of money that would be used to cover the costs. With bulk SMS for education, the messages are sent immediately to the recipients with each of them getting the update at the same time.

There are many more ways in which you can use bulk SMS for education to improve the communication with your students and establish your institution as a responsible and established educational institution.

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