Giving Your Computer Internet Access Through Your Android

First off, check with your carrier’s conditions and policies before attempting to tether your Android device to your computer. This is because there are some carriers that provide their own tethering services for specific phones for a fee while others do not allow this kind of practice.

Once you have confirmed that your carrier does not object to this, your next consideration is its usage of data. As your Android phone is tethered, your computer will be making use of your phone’s 3G connection as its own wireless Internet. This means that the Android device will be using a lot of data. But if your phone has a plan that allows it to access unlimited data, this should be no problem. Only if it has a limit to its amount of data per month should you take note of it.

Access Internet through Android

In your Android phone, open up the Market and do a search for an application called PdaNet. Have it downloaded and installed in your phone. The application is free of charge and can be acquired right away. After installing the app, you will have to download its companion program to your computer.

It can be downloaded at June Fabrics and choose the right edition for your phone. The program supports various versions such as 32-bit Windows XP, Windows 7, 64-bit Windows Vista and Windows 7 and also versions 10.5 and 10.6 for the Mac operating system.

Before you go on to the next stage, you will need to adjust a setting in your phone. In its home screen, select the Menu and choose Settings. Choose Applications and then Development. Put a check on the box USB debugging and press OK when the confirmation dialog box comes out. This allows your PdaNet application to stream data from your phone straight to your computer.

Starting the Connection
Have your Android phone plugged into any open USB port in your computer. Start the PdaNet application from the phone and choose Enable USB Tether option. A confirmation from the application will pop out noting that you have installed its partner and select Already Installed to move on.

Once you have verified the connection, PdaNet will let you know that it is already turned on and is running in your phone’s background. At this point, go to your computer and search for the PdaNet icon in the system tray. Right click and select Connect from the menu.

Everything should be set at this stage. Your PdaNet computer application should confirm that it is already connected through a pop up and inform you that the modem is running. Through your phone’s data connection, your computer should now be online. You can go to your email, browse pages in the web and do just about anything that you can with Internet connectivity.