Banjo Gets Bigger as an All in One Location App

Banjo App for Android and iPhone

Location applications have been getting bigger and bigger, as more and more people are starting to feel more comfortable sharing their location data from their smartphones and tablets. People have been loving checking-in here, there, and everywhere with any number of applications.

There are so many location applications; it can get a bit complicated. You may be a Foursquare enthusiast, but all of your friends may prefer to check in on Foursquare. If you really want to get the location-based social experience, you almost have to check in via every site there is if you really want to connect with everyone. If you don’t want to check in on six different apps, you could try an all in one location application. This is where Banjo comes in.

What is Banjo?

From Redwood City, the Banjo application collects check-ins from various services as well as geotagged posts and updates from many major social networking sites. Instead of having to become involved with every social site and location based service, you can just use Banjo and connect to the sites and services that you already use.

With over half a million users each month, this application is pretty popular. With about 900,000 total downloads, this application is most popular with iOS users. This application just came out about nine months ago, and it has grown in popularity in a very organic manner since then.

How it got a big bump

SXSW is known for music and tech, and there the app got about 10% more users. During the conference’s interactive portion alone there were about 100,000 downloads. It continues to show an uptick in users, particularly when examined in terms of growth on social sites like Facebook. All in all, Banjo’s impressive numbers and explosive growth has made it, by many estimations, bigger than the other new social, mobile location apps.

Why it is great

Banjo is an easy to use site with an easy to follow interface. It features a navigation menu that slides out in a way that will be familiar to users with the Facebook mobile app. The app displays a map with images that makes it quick and easy to find your friends and see potential new friends.

The biggest and best thing about Banjo is that it is a great way to keep up with your friends, but it can be a nice tool to meet other people. Acting like a hub for location activity from other sites and applications, including Instagram, this application brings this type of networking to a whole new level. The app is central, with all notifications being fed through this app.

This great way that all of these sites and networks are brought together is also one of the negative aspects of the app. It can be a bit creepy and facilitate cyber stalkers and others who may want to take advantage of the data they can cull from this app when trying to “meet” new people.


This rapidly growing app is a great way to keep up with your friends. Banjo consolidates all location applications and geotagging services, and with Banjo, users never again have to worry about missing their friends simply because they preferred a different social site. With a beautiful, easy to use interface, many will find it enjoyable. The biggest concerns that many have with the application is the way that certain users could use Banjo to stalk other users or be creepy, but not too many actual complaints about this have happened yet. Available for Android and iOS, this application is free, and this will only help this service and its explosive growth.

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  1. Hi George, thanks for this great piece on Banjo! Last week we announced we had reached our one million member milestone! We’re really excited for this growth, feel free to reach out to us anytime!

    Community Manager, Banjo

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