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I recently got relocated to Bangalore Along with family. My family is a joint family including dad, mom, granddad, grand mom, sister, brother-in-law and my nephew and niece. I feel always good about living in a joint family because we are there for each other; we celebrate all the festivals, birthdays and other events together.

For all the events in the family I always hire a planner so that a lot of burden is reduced for me and my brother-in-law. But this time around as I have shifted to Bangalore, I find it very difficult to find the right planners. After a lot of enquiries and getting in touch with the contacts given by new friends   I wasn’t able to finalize a birthday planner in Bangalore.


It was granddad’s 70th birthday in a week’s time, and this is the one occasion that I dint want to screw up. I was all tensed and panicky when my colleague at the new Bangalore office came up to me and suggested the use of urban clap.

Trust me it was the right timing; I downloaded the application on my android phone. IT was actually little impossible for me to believe that it would connect us with the right planner. I just had to answer a few question and place my requirement. While placing the requirement the app shows a lot of options matching our requirements. There were a lot of options. After comparing the quotes I chose the one matching the requirement of our event. The planner replied in 3 hours time and got in touch with me.

The birthday bumps group was the planning team that got in touch with be through the app. These people were amazing.

In every party   budgeting is required. Everything from the cake to the grandeur of the occasion depends on the budget we have. The budget was discussed and the planners managed all the entertainments and the gifts etc efficiently.

They also manage to get In touch with all the contacts of our family that we give them and inform them about the event.

The decorations and other entertainment activities were planned so perfectly. All in all the 70th birthday party of my grand pa was a super duper success. Thanks to UrbanClap business model. IT wouldn’t have been as grand as it was if I wouldn’t have known about urban clap. Thanks a lot to these guys for providing such timely leads to help people living in metro city like Bangalore. The best part about the service was that the quotes were mentioned early and it was easy to clear it in the beginning this helped the event to go on even smoother. Anybody who is planning to organize an event, or are searching for other professional services or home services And don’t have time to search, then the best thing to do is download urban app and place the request for the service you are looking out for. You just need to make a few touches on the phone and in the next 3 hours the service provider will contact you. Just go for this super App.



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